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Microdermabrasion is an age old treatment that has been adapted, modernised and made easier with the Diamond Flower Peel system. This improved method first delivers a controlled, yet powerful stream of pure organic flower grains to the skin in order to slough off dead cells, leaving the skin smooth and fresh, then a second peel with serum infusion is performed to rehydrate and treat, while promoting new skin and collagen stimulation.


One of the easiest and kindest natural therapies for treating skin conditions, LED Phototherapy shines a light directly on problem areas.  LED Phototherapy encourages the production of collagen and elastin, restores elasticity in the skin, improves the quality of skin structure, helps to manage decongestion and rosacea of the skin, increases micro circulation, activates the cells, causing them to multiply and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.


This treatment has great emphasis on GlamGlow products and the active ingredients that make it effective. It is a tailored treatment depending on your skin and the results you desire.


There are many reasons why skin begins to sag and become lined: pregnancy, weight loss, sun exposure and time are just some of the causes. Photo Rejuvenation uses Intense Pulsed Light – IPL – to refresh and revive the skin. IPL is different from laser and works on the skin by penetrating deeply below the outer layers. It is much gentler and may give more effective, lasting results than dermabrasion techniques, which rely on removing the outer layers of the skin using harsh abrasives without affecting collagen production.


Acne sucks. It’s the cause of suffering and discomfort for many around the world. Those of us who suffer through it, know how badly we want it gone. Until recently, the most common way to treat Acne was with pills and creams. These treatments are tedious, often ineffective and typically come with side effects. The introduction of light-based treatments, which is being pioneered by Hairfree in Australia, is a minor revolution. The treatment is shorter, has virtually no side effects, and is very effective at clearing bacterial Acne.


This therapy minimises fine line and wrinkles, reduces pore size and improves skin texture and aids penetration of topical active ingredients. This treatment is suitable for all skin types (with adequate preparation), producing new growth factors, increasing natural collagen formation, scar reduction and minimal down time. 

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All new clients must book in a consultation on their first visit to allow enough time for us to understand your concerns and explain the treatment process

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